Tommy Sweeney to join The Weekly Racer

SweeneyPost(Newport News, Va) – Another week has past us by yet again. Which can only mean two things; 1) Whelen All-American series is one week closer, 2) Time to feature another driver in my own Weekly Racing series! I am happy to report this week another record was broken at The Weekly Racer, most views in a single day (282). Lets challenge Tommy Sweeney in breaking that record and taking The Weekly Racer past the 300 view mark!

Tommy brings something new to the table this week, another division to add to the page, running the #11 Grandstock out at Langley Speedway. Now I know there are a ton of different divisions and classes across the country. So you may be asking yourself, “what’s a Grandstock?” The Grandstocks around here have recently changed to resemble more of a late-model body style. Running treaded tires, and usually about half the distance of a Late Model race. Some folks say they will look like a limited late-model with different tires. Be sure to check out Tommy’s page for some pictures.

Mr. Sweeney stepped onto the weekly racing scene in 2003. Helping another familiar name to Langley, Ricky Derrick get a sponsor for his Late Model. Derrick turned around and Put Sweeney into a super street. Tommy spent quite a while running in the Super Street division. Becoming Langley’s Super Street track champion in 2005, with a runner-up finish in 2006.

I hope 2014 will be a good season for my team. We picked up a new car over the winter and hope to make a run at the Championship.

Sweeney decided to take his career to the next level so to say. Competing in the Grandstocks in 2012 Sweeney earning Rookie of the Year honors. Finishing second in the standings only 35 points behind repeat champion Ricky Derrick. Sweeney was also able to add a win to the books. Capturing his first win in the division on Whelen Night at the races (05/04/13). Sweeney took the lead on lap 26 of the 40 lap feature and sailed to victory.

I asked Sweeney what he looked forward to most in the upcoming season. He told me over the winter the crew picked up a new car and is working hard to make a solid run for the championship. Tommy Sweeney and the rest of the field are set to kick their season off with a 40 lap feature on April 12th, 2014. Make sure to head out to the track to show Tommy some support.

Click here to visit Tommy Sweeney’s interview.

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