New Record leads to some more changes!

Good afternoon everyone! As we get ready for the Super Bowl I would like to let everyone know you have helped me set a new record, TWICE, in not even 24 hours! I know as a new blog that should be pretty easy. Yesterday witnessed 83 views in just one day. Passing the previous record set two weeks ago of 68 views! I wake up this morning to see the record passed yet again and it was only 10 am. The blog as a whole received 113 views! I cannot thank you guys enough! I hope you guys are enjoying the Driver Series, I can say so far it has been incredibly fun for me. I am looking forward to bringing you guys some more reads. For any drivers interested in being part of the series, please email me at (

Due to the popularity so far of the Driver Series I have made another change in the frequency of post. Instead of making the series a bi-weekly project I will be posting a new driver every Saturday. My executive staff, aka my wife, was looking at the schedule of drivers. Within the past week I added two more to the calendar. The issue that we discussed is some drivers would be waiting until two months into the racing season.

Would be really counter productive in my idea of trying to get their names in the publics eye! Getting their sponsors names out there. Also wouldn’t help the fans/readers who are looking forward to next season. My goal will be to post a new page every Saturday afternoon. Hopefully I will not run into many delays such as I did this past Saturday. I still only work part-time hours so my schedule is constantly changing. I will still work on providing you with great things to read. If you like what you are reading please leave me a comment. I would love to read your thoughts. Hear what you have to say on my idea. I do have a special request, if you don’t like what I have to say or you may know of a way to improve my writing (I am always ALWAYS looking to get better), please visit the Contact Me page, fill out the form, and send me an email. I only do this for fun with aspirations of it growing under my belt in the future.

I am also still working on a short story to take place in the local short track racing community. I will be honest I am a little nervous to start working on this project. The last time I wrote a short story I was 13 years old, in the 7th grade with blonde highlights and spiking my hair with DEP hair gel! My wife still gets on me about wanting to read this little trilogy I wrote with a broken computer that could only open Note Pad. So give me a few, I will try my best to give you a good story, something down to earth, makes you laugh and shines a good light on the weekly racing community!

Thank you so much for those who have read my blog, those who have shared a link and all those who have come back. I look forward to growing and bringing you more!

– Justin

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