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The Weekly Racer Top 10 Races: Touring Series (Pt. 2)

nwaasTo the top 5 we go! Bellow is the top 5 list of races I am excited to attend this year. I will be honest a lot of my decisions came from a pure fan standpoint. Some races are a given that media coverage is need/wanted, some races on my list just looked good to me. I give you my word that I picked these races with no bias at all. Some people might jump to conclusion when they see Langley is back-to-back-to-back, I can honestly say that wasn’t even brought to my attention until I started to type this up.

Without any more delay here are my top 5 races of 2014;

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Help me welcome Douglas Aquatics on board for the year!

ScanHello everyone, I am very excited to welcome Douglas Aquatics on board this year. With that help it will allow me to own the web address as my own. In addition, I will be able to process more things in the ”back office so to say, larger storage space for photos, the ability to post videos directly to the website, this also removes the ads at the end of post’s and pages. I would personally like to thank Rebecca Arnold at Douglas Aquatics for her support this up coming year.

Just a little shout out, Douglas Aquatics is your local one stop shop for all of your pool and hot tub needs. The retail store is located on Industry Dr in Yorktown Virginia, right where Route 17 and George Washington Memorial Highway intersect. They are equipped to handle your residential and commercial pool and spa chemicals, equipment, and repairs. Douglas Aquatics is a certified dealer in Clearwater Spas, visit their show room today and let them show you how Clearwater Spas can benefit your family.

Have a commercial property where handling the every day aspects of a pool is just getting too much for your maintenance staff? Don’t let that be the reason you close up, Douglas Aquatics has the infrastructure to supply lifeguards, regular cleaning, chemical balance and will take the worry away of opening and closing your system. Douglas Aquatics can also handle your construction needs. Give them a call if you would like to talk to someone about installing a pool in your back yard this summer!

Some interesting changes coming to The Weekly Racer.

Some good news and additions here at The Weekly Racer!

I am extremely excited to announce that sooner rather than later, the domain name for the website will belong to me! I have gotten a company to throw some sponsorship dollars my way to help with the financials for the year! Tomorrow I am going to take the steps to own the website and make some appearance changes that come with owning the domain name! With those changes it will include a page with all the sponsors information. I feel they might be able to help you out this summer!

Another addition to the website, I have “employed” a full-time editor to help me out with some things. I am not gonna try to use it as a crutch, but sometimes my ADHD gets the best of me! I have a lot of great ideas for articles, stories and other types of posts but sometimes I will see something out the corner of my eye and focus on that and lose my train of thought. Or a song will come on my iTunes, or I will remember I have to run out and get something, or have to talk to a customer at work. When I come back to the story it normally just doesn’t flow right. Plus it’s always nice to have another pair of eyes on your work.

In other news, I believe we are very very close to having a photographer for the blog! That way during race season I can provide you guys with some awesome photos, showcase what she can do with a camera and help get her name out there as a photographer. I will also have a page on the site with some of her info, showcase her photos and provide y’all with some contact info.

Here in the future I will also be working on a staff page to help thank all those people who are helping out with the blog! Then, once I get everything switched over to the new domain, figure a few things out, I will leave a “this is where everything is” type post. That way you can have an understanding on how to navigate the page, where to find stories, older post and all that jazz.

I will also let you know to pay close attention to the posts in the coming weeks. I have had some interesting offers and opportunities this past week to talk with some people that I truly feel you will enjoy.

Help Southern National reach 7,000!


Alright guys and gals, I want to get this information out there for you if you didn’t already know. Southern National Motosports Park in Kenley (Lucama – depends on who you talk to), North Carolina kicks their season off this Saturday with a 2:00 pm green flag… that’s 1400 for you military folks out there. They have posted a few trivia questions on their Facebook page, here is a quick and easy link SNMP, go to their page hit the Like button. That way you can be apart of any contest, get updates, see pictures, all that good stuff.

After you have liked the page share it with your friends. Something so simple can be so rewarding. Once they get over 7,000 Likes one lucky fan will win a pretty sweet prize pack, two tickets to any NASCAR Weekly Series race at SNMP, a SNMP t-shirt and a lunch cooler! The drawing will be done randomly so don’t worry about trying to time it to be the 7,000th like! Then do me another favor, put some of their races on your calendar.

Also click the link to check out The Weekly Racers Top 10 schedule so you can see what races I will be covering down there this year. You can also download the flyer of Southern National’s 2014 season on their Facebook page, as well as head over to for any more information.

The Weekly Racer Top 10 Races: Touring Series (Pt. 1)

nwaasOkay, so the last two weeks or so I have been working on creating a schedule of the top 5 races I am looking forward to attending this season. Not just as a race fan but in hopes to learn more from a blogging/media standpoint when it comes to racing. I am kind of creating my own internship, learning from trial and error, hoping to run into seasoned veterans and learn from them. So I printed out a few tracks in the Virginia/Carolina area, had to rule out some tracks where travel expenses would be a little to high for my budget and put together a list of races I feel will be great to attend. The problem I was running into was there were to many races were popping of the page.

So here it is folks my top 10 picks for this season, my own little touring division as I like to call it! As long as the budget will allow I will be attending all these races, hoping to share my experience with you all!

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