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This sweet dream I had…


So the other day I had this dream. Now this dream is how you know that sports is a major part of my life. The dream was set in a mixture of three venues I have been to. At first it was one of those fuzzy dreams where you can’t really see in clear who people are. So let me set this up a little bit. Where I come from we have a summer baseball league for college students. For some reason the dream started underneath the grandstands. A pretty old stadium too so the least, all steel beams and wooden bleachers, old school ticket booths with an iron gate around the complex.

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Driver Series Updates

So I have been getting some decent feedback on the Driver Series page. Seems like a good amount of drivers like the idea and want to do it. Just a matter of trying to find time to answer some of the questions in-between all of the other things they do on a daily basis. The way things are working out I want to try to bump the series up to posting twice a month. Just want to throw this out here, if the responses slow down I will back it down to one driver a month.

Go check out the newest addition to this month. Mr. Kevin Morgan. Driver of the #11 UCAR at Langley Speedway in Hampton, Virginia! I have to thank all of the drivers so far who have responded, they all seem so excited to answer the questions. I know I am not some big time magazine with some national recognition that is sold in Barnes & Noble and Wal-Mart. What I am though is just like the divers of this series, local guy with a desire and passion for racing with dreams of making it big one day.

I appreciate all the excitement, hopefully this little blog can be just another stepping stone and getting your name out there for fans and potential sponsors to see. So head on over to Kevin’s page, get to know the guy a little more, check his pictures out, share his page on Facebook and Twitter, leave him a comment to read (remember no bashing I will take it down and require all comments to be reviewed before posting.)

Make sure to check back January 18th for the next featured driver!!

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