This could actually work out! (Pt 2)



Yes! Finally finished with work. Had to run a very important errand with the wife! So, back to our little discussion from this morning. We should all know by now that NASCAR has changed the qualifying procedures in the upcoming 2014 season. I first heard there was only going to be a change in the lower divisions. Then word started to spread around twitter, until I saw the official release on their website. For those who may not know, here is a brief synopsis of the EPIC change;

All tracks measuring 1.25 miles or longer will have a three round format.

  • Round #1 all teams will have 25 minutes to post a qualifying time.
  • Top 24 teams will advance on to Round #2, position 25 and back will be sorted fastest to slowest times.
  • A five-minute break will be given then the top 24 teams will be given 10 minutes to post a second time.
  • Top 12 teams will then advance to a third round, positions 13-24 will be sorted from fastest to slowest.
  • Another five-minute break will be given before the top 12 go back out.
  • Round #3 will be five minutes, fastest time will win the pole award. Positions 2-12 will be sorted like before.

The format is a little more “simple” for those tracks shorter than 1.25 miles. Only two rounds, first is 30 minutes in length. Top 12 cars will advance to round two. Remaining cars will be sorted from fastest to slowest. A ten minute break will be given then the top 12 cars will be given 10 minutes of track time post a fast lap.

**Note, the only two tracks that will not follow this format is the Daytona 500 & the Truck series race at El Dora**

I personally think this is a great idea! Its like the race to get into the race. From a business persons stand point, maybe this decision was made in part to increase ticket sales throughout the week. With the new format fans are guaranteed no less than 35 minutes of extra Sprint Cup action! Not to mention the extra time on the track for both Nationwide and Trucks. NASCAR higher ups have turned it into a mini race that will drive fans to want to buy tickets to the earlier events, like the truck race or nationwide events, pending on what tracks they are at and which divisions are there.

Personally I think this brings more fun to the sport. From what I have seen on Twitter a lot of drivers are ready for the change. I think fans should be as well. No more sitting in front of the TV watching two or three cars hit the track then a break, two more cars than a break. I feel the stations will have to provide more coverage more often.

I can however see why some teams or drivers will not like this format. With so many cars on the track at one time there can be typical issues just like in practice. One car can cause a wreck, drop fluid. Slower cars can ruin a lap for better ones. They use a similar method at a local track around where I am from. They tend to only allow about 5-6 cars on the track at a time, expect for the Late Model division. The method works great for tracks that have multiple series to run that night. Only difference is the Big 3 series has just about the same number of cars participating in the one event as lets say Langley Speedway has on a Saturday night. It’s the same concept right? Works on the small hometown tracks, what stopping it from working in the “big leagues.”

So excuse me while I agree with NASCAR and their decision to make a change. I think its going to be a great thing for the sport, for the spectators, and for the drivers. Sooooo to the guy I referenced in my previous post, BAH HUMBUG!!! I mean come on man the sport is changing, the cars are changing the way we watch is changing. GET WITH THE GAME MAN!!

I’m excited to see (that is if we get cable this up coming season) on how all this plays out. Let me know how you feel bellow. I also want to field this questions for those who read this, put yourself in the shoes of the competition director. Your bosses tell you there MUST be a change in the qualifying format for all three top classes, what will you come up with?

Hope to see some ideas bellow!


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