This could actually work out! (Pt 1)

So for anyone who may have a Twitter or those who read NASCAR’s website on a daily basis or, unlike myself, have television… Knows there has been a few changes to the way NASCAR will qualify this coming season. I’m not really here to break it down and analyze it much like the NASCAR website will do. [Here is a link to the story, with a video the help explain]

Okay so lets get this out of the way, I have already seen plenty of feedback from fans and drivers alike on social media, and when I say social media I mean twitter of course. You have those supposed “NASCAR loyalist” who think this is just another shot in the foot for the sport. I was not in the position to grab a snap shot of this one persons comment, however, I am willing to go out on the limb and say this was some old guy who cant get with the times…… OH SNAP DID I REALLY JUST SAY THAT! Of course I did! Reason why, his comment said something along the lines of “the sport is going away from the roots in which it was started…” (that was flag number one for me).

Come on guy, we all know the sport got its start running moonshine in the prohibition days! Last time I checked WE ARE NOT IN THE PROHIBITION! Not to mention just about anyone can get moonshine these days anyway without loading it in crates with precision drivers making long hauls…. What really got me though is he left his comment open with the classic ellipse, you the three periods in a row. Now let me just tell you that I love to read book, articles, post, anything written well. When my mind comes across such literary device it gets wound up. I’m waiting for something epic to happen. Some cliff hanger thought the writer wanted us the reader to think on for just a second. My mind goes in that slo-mo camera mode. Come on you know what I am talking about, I cant be the only one. So I see this in is comment, I’m thinking, “Okay maybe this guy has something good to say.” NOPE! I Was hoodwinked, he left everyone with;

“Oh and the website sucks!”

Why thank you sir for that amazing, had to have insight. I think the people that work on the NASCAR website will get right on that issue and start working on a ‘not so sucky’ website just for you.

…Stay tuned later this afternoon for a second part, going into better detail the changes. Had a free second at work and wanted to share with you guys…

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