Everyone welcome Molly Helmuth

Good morning everyone! Today we release another featured driver in The Driver series! I am really excited about this one! For a couple of reasons, she is the first female driver to participate in my new blog, so I want to say thank you very much! Not only that she is from the west coast! Running Late Models in Washington state!

I actually meet Molly on a radio/YouTube show that I was guest hosting on. The interview that we did was kind of last-minute, so their was no way she had a chance to prepare, we called her around 7:30 pm our time, so it was around 4:30 her time. May have been getting off of school but she took the interview and was more than happy to talk to us.

She took to this interview with pretty much the same enthusiasm, granted she had much more warning and more time to prepare! When you guys get a chance head over to her page, here is a link just in case (Molly Helmuth). You will find a link to her personal webpage there along with her social media outlets.

Once you had a chance to enjoy her interview make sure to leave her some love in the comments section. If you have any other questions for her leave those in the comments as well, I will be sure to get in contact with her. Hit up her Facebook and like her page, give her a follow on Twitter. Let her know us race fans here on the East Coast… or where ever you may be from are rooting for her to continue doing what she loves to do.

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