This sweet dream I had…


So the other day I had this dream. Now this dream is how you know that sports is a major part of my life. The dream was set in a mixture of three venues I have been to. At first it was one of those fuzzy dreams where you can’t really see in clear who people are. So let me set this up a little bit. Where I come from we have a summer baseball league for college students. For some reason the dream started underneath the grandstands. A pretty old stadium too so the least, all steel beams and wooden bleachers, old school ticket booths with an iron gate around the complex.

So Im walking around taking care of some things and I can hear the cars on the track, must be practice. I was walking around making sure things are in the right spot, people are in the right spot and have all they need. Greeting those fans who have decided to make it out to what I knew was the race track. Now this is one of those third person type dreams. Maybe that’s because I have been playing too much Skyrim lately, I’m just watching this dream over my right shoulder.

So then it cuts to another “scene” as I like to call it. Kind of like when you are watching a TV show on Netflix and there was supposed to be a commercial. I’m up in the tower, had to been getting ready for qualifying. So before I go on any more into the story let me tell you that I was able to go to another track this year. Southern National Motorsports Park (SNMP), down in Kenly North Carolina, a 4/10th mile high banked oval. SNMP was closed for a few years until being purchased two years ago. So I’m looking out my sky box, the track was laid out like SNMP. Same size, same banking even same color walls. The part that threw me off were the cars were lined up just like they do at Langley.

So here I was, the race director/owner of this race track. Not quite sure where though, had to be somewhere on the east coast. The surrounding area of the track never really came into focus. My duties through out the day were kind of a blur though. Things kind of all went really fast, I do know I spent a lot of time in the scoring tower, and an office that looked to be mine. I do remember a scene (thats what I like to call them because only like 5% of my dreams are ever real feeling) where I had to get on the radio to help sort out a racing order change. It was pretty awesome to be able to call the shots from the tower all day. To bad I had to wake up before racing actually got underway.

Needless to say I am really looking forward this race season. Both from a fans stand point and a blogger stand point. Looking forward to branching out and visiting some new tracks to share some stories with you guys. Leave a comment bellow on one of the craziest racing dreams you had.

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