Welcome to the New Year – 2014

Colourful 2014 in fiery sparklers”The field coming out of four, two wide — three wide deeper in the pack. Thundering towards the stripe, just 24 laps/hours to go in The Year 2013…”

So… need less to say I would probably never make a great commentator. I will tell you this though, that little blurb above sounded way better when I was talking to my self! Had the background noise of the cars and fans, little Darrel Waltrip twang as well. Sometimes being ADHD has its perks!

We are just hours away from opening the 2014 Nascar Whelen All-American Series season yet again. Most tracks will probably start practicing in late March, with season openers in April.

A neat little video I found browsing around YouTube that was played during the award ceremony a few weeks ago. I guess I could do some research and find all the interesting facts that surrounded the 2013 racing season and make a list. That might just be a little boring for both you and myself. I feel all the information I can find you could easily do the same and just skip over what I have to say.

So what I want to do is list MY top 5 experiences of the 2013 racing series.

5. Back Gate Girl: My wife actually got this nickname because she worked the back gate of our track. Certainly not the most glamorous job one can have, but important non the least. I was working third shift for most of the season so I was able to hang out with my then fiancé. Talk racing, listen to racing and even watch racing. We are just a racing family.

4. Awards Banquet: Even though this year I was not a competitor on the track it was nice to be able to celebrate with everyone. A great dinner with an interesting trophy presentation to follow.

3. Impressive Comeback: With Shawn Balluzzo going for a record-tying seventh Modified championship at Langley Speedway runs into a serious health issue and is sidelined essential taking him out of the hunt. Several weeks later Balluzzo is given the green light to get back into the car and is clipped, sent hard into the outside wall, then the inside wall leaving the car looking like the erector set after the Beast got a hold of it in the Sandlot. Just to have a brand new car built… from scratch… in three weeks.

2. VA Triple Crown: Another year in the books for this three part race. Yielding different winners at each track. Due to a changing work schedule I was only able to attend Langley’s leg of the series (July 27). Not only impressed from the car count, my father in-law treated me with Sky Box tickets. Great way to enjoy the race and beat the heat. The main event lived up to the Hampton Heat name with some of the hottest racing I have seen in a a while.

1. Back-to-Back National Titles: Winning a race in the Whelen All-American series is a feat in its own. Winning a track champion in some states can be difficult enough. To win a National title competing against hundreds of drivers, with some of the best equipment money can all fighting for the same thing. Lee Pulliam not only was able to complete this task twice, back to back. Love the guy or hate the guy there is one thing you can’t argue, THE MAN CAN DRIVE. Capturing a win at just about every major track in this area (still waiting for him to come out to Langley for a weekend) Never the less Pulliam etched his name into the NASCAR record books. His alignment with Kicker Motorsports for 2014 should prove to be a testament of the mans ability to wheel a race car.

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