Introducing… the “Drivers Series”

Okay everyone, since creating this blog I have been brainstorming ideas of a series to create. All my research told me a good blog site has some kind of series to go along with their post. Something that has a regular release, some thing that beings readers back to my blog. I feel okay about saying this here because if I was able to find that information with no problem then so could my readers…

So I started to think to my self, what is something that I would like to read. Something that I say to myself, “Dang its monday they posted another story!” About that time I had to leave the house and run some errands around town. Did my normal routine, get dressed, make the bed, put my dog up. On my way out of my apartment I stopped by the mailbox. Inside was my last copy of Import Tuner (totally forgot to renew my subscription).

If no one has had or seen one before, it is a magazine that highlights a few sweet cars in the import world along with some pretty model looking to jump start her career. They do a photo shoot with the girls and ask them a few questions so the readers know more about them. Then it hit me! This is what I need to do for my blog, I will mirror my series much like a magazine subscription. Each new post will feature a driver from the Nascar Whelen All-American series.

On the home page you will find a link, The Drivers Series. Here will be a list of all drivers interviewed by the weekly racer. My plan is to post these stories as I interview drivers from around the region. As this grows in popularity, each week a new driver will reach the top of the podium. To follow suit of the Whelen All-American series, Look for a new posting each Saturday.

Week 1 sneak peek; #68  Brandon Brown   LMSC

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