Southern National, here we come!

So it’s Saturday afternoon, it’s all of 34 degrees outside. We are all packed up with the long johns, heaters and blankets in the s2000 heading down to Southern National Motorsports Park! I got a late jump on the post this morning due to chatting with my dad on the car ride. Finally had some time to catch up! Nothing like a road trip with the pops to a race track (sorry sweetie you know I really wanted you to come).

Most of my friends knew how excited I was for this race! We had a small change in plans, thanks to the wonderful timing of personal property taxes and a family engagement on Sunday I will have to miss the Late Model race. Don’t worry though, I have read the guys at race22 will be providing live coverage of the event.

Today, well tonight I should say, should make for some great racing. I have already seen there are 44 LMSC for this evenings heat races, on top of that the legends will be running! Saw earlier this week our Langley Speedway Legends Champion Spencer Saunders should be out racing. SNMP brought what they call the Southern Lightning Mods back this year. They will be running 50 laps this evening. I have heard talk around town there is about 20 of these cars, let’s see how many actually show up! SNMP earlier today posted a few of the LMSC drivers. Nice to see current national champion & recent Myrtle Beach 400 winner Lee Pulliam bringing the new car out!

We are about 30 minutes out from the speedway. Gates open to the fans around 3pm. Racing is set to get underway around 7pm this evening. Still have plenty of time to pack up the warm clothes and end on down. Tickets for this evening are $20 bucks. Look back later this afternoon, hopefully I will have some interesting updates for everyone!

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