Welcome to the Weekly Racer

Dear New Readers,

Hello everyone, thank you so much for stopping by my “new” blog. I will be honest, I have had this blog for quite some time now. Little over a year, maybe close to two years. My original plan was to create a sports blog in general, try to interject my opinions into upcoming/past sporting events. I wanted to do this while I was finishing up my degree at Old Dominion. What actually happened is school was stressful, work was even more stressful, then on top of that planning my wedding. Yea, needless to say not a whole lot got done with this site.

Since then I have graduated, went back to a job I like (equals less stress) and now I am happily married to my high school sweet heart. I sat down in front of my computer, clicking on my favorites bar and stumbled across this little beauty. Then it hit me like “The Lady in Black.” Racing, my real niche is racing. Even though my family never really had the money to actually race, my father made sure I could attend.

Practically in my back yard is Langley Speedway. I must admit, I have not been going out there as much as some people I know. However, this track was love at first sight! My father took me on a scorching hot June afternoon when I was about thirteen years old. Since then I have made new friends, earned new family members. I have screamed at the top of my lungs at drivers that can’t hear me, been on pit road to learn and help. Even was able to work at the track one summer.

Weekly racing has been a part of my life and will continue to be apart of my life. My intentions for this blog is to share my love. Weekly race tracks have some of the most dedicated fans and drivers of all sports. These men and woman spend 40 or more hours each week in their careers to come together in one night to put on some of the best racing I have ever seen. I would love to share my experience with local tracks in my area, I want you to share your experience with tracks near you.

As time goes on I will post my thoughts and views on things going on in the weekly racing series. Please follow my blog, share my blog with your friends. Most importantly feel free to join the conversation. As I grow and learn the ropes of WordPress I hope to bring you guys and gals some interesting content. I plan to do a few Weekly Series my self. Again I would like to thank you for stopping by and looking forward to hearing from everyone soon!

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