Monthly Archives: November 2013

Southern National, here we come!

So it’s Saturday afternoon, it’s all of 34 degrees outside. We are all packed up with the long johns, heaters and blankets in the s2000 heading down to Southern National Motorsports Park! I got a late jump on the post this morning due to chatting with my dad on the car ride. Finally had some time to catch up! Nothing like a road trip with the pops to a race track (sorry sweetie you know I really wanted you to come). Read more

Welcome to the Weekly Racer

Dear New Readers,

Hello everyone, thank you so much for stopping by my “new” blog. I will be honest, I have had this blog for quite some time now. Little over a year, maybe close to two years. My original plan was to create a sports blog in general, try to interject my opinions into upcoming/past sporting events. I wanted to do this while I was finishing up my degree at Old Dominion. What actually happened is school was stressful, work was even more stressful, then on top of that planning my wedding. Yea, needless to say not a whole lot got done with this site. Read more


So I have decided to take the website into a different direction. The original plan was to focus on sports in a broad scope. In my a absence I have decided to focus more on a topic I feel I am close to. The NASCAR Whelen All-American Series. My views, recaps, and opinions from different race tracks in the region.