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ODU in the Playoffs!

Sunday November 20th 2011 was a historical day for the Old Dominion Monarchs. The Monarchs were selected to be apart of the 2011 FCS Playoffs. ODU arguably the best start up football team in years finished the regular season with an impressive 9-2 (6-2). Since restarting the football program the Monarchs have gone 26-7 over a three year period. Read more

How far can they go?

As Thanksgiving approaches this week we will all be filling our bellies with turkey and stuffing, hanging out with the family, and of course FOOTBALL!

Not only are we going into the holiday season but the NFL playoffs are slowly creeping in on us. This is the make or break point for teams. Those teams projected to go far this season are flopping, teams who tend to lack the luster have truly put on a show. Who would have thought 11 weeks into the season a team is without their star QB and can’t win a game. All the hype Chris Johnson made in the preseason to get more money and he has failed to perform on the field. Read more

Coming Along…

Well guys and gals it has been a few days since starting up this blog. Still working out some of the kinks and figuring out how this website operates. Since starting up there has been plenty to talk about in the world of sports. First and for most, the issues up at PSU and the firing of long time head Coach Joe Paterno. Riots broke out from outraged fans not but moments after the announcement.

The board came to a conclusion that Paterno and University President Graham Spanier had to be removed from the program due to their involvement in the situation. This of course all coming in the wake of a sexual abuse scandal from Poterno’s former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky who was charged on 40 counts of sexual abuse against eight boys over a fifteen year period.
Paterno was set to retire from the helm of head coach at the end of this season in part due to the allegations brought against him. University officials were asked why remove Paterno now? Why not wait till the end of the season? Vice Chairman John Surma said, “the situation we’re in today was not in the best interest of the university…our job was to make this determination.”


My question to you guys out there. Was it right for PSU to fire this coach in such a blunt manor. Did he not gain enough respect in his 61 year tenor? Let me know what you guys think.

Welcome to the Page

Hello and welcome!


This is my first attempt at a sports blog for the local area. Reporting on local sporting events and getting your feedback on the story. First and foremost this is not an official web site reporting for any certain organization. Feel free to bring up any sport related event to talk about. Though I want you to speak freely on how you feel about certain things, this is not a public place to bash and put down other people, teams, schools, or sports. You may have a strong feeling or connection towards that team, THAT’S GREAT. Just remember that you are talking to some people who may feel the exact opposite.